National Ghana Parade Council

“Ekome feemɔ, nɔ mei hewalɛ yɔɔ “
Translation: “Togetherness is where strength lies”
— Ga Adangbe saying

GhanaFest-NY Event Gallery

The strength and beauty that comes from unity is undeniable. GhanaFest-NY exemplifies this through the display and celebration of Ghanaian culture and heritage in all its forms.

GhanaFest-NY is an annual open-air display of Ghanaian culture. Held in the summer month of August in Crotona Park, New Yorkers and visitors to the city are invited to a day of festive dance, flavorful cuisine, live music, a display of traditional and modern Ghanaian fashion and more. There’s something in store for all ages to enjoy.

Now in its 10th year, Ghana Fest-NY has grown beyond the Ghana Day Parade to include performers, vendors, and informational booths. And not to be forgotten, games and activities for children to enjoy. The event brings together people from across the New York metropolitan area and further afield to revel in the sounds, sights, and delicacies that are hallmarks of the Ghanaian culture.

Come and join us as we celebrate Ghanaians and Ghanaian-Americans from all walks of life making positive contributions across a wide range of fields – science, business, the arts, entertainment, community service, sports, among others – inspiring future generations to new heights.
The 2020 Ghana Fest-NY celebration will be held as a virtual event, streaming live from New York and Ghana! See you then.

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